thoughts on wide angle lenses for landscape photography

everyone talks about wide angle lenses being a must have for landscape photography, but i find i use wide angle lenses less and less for the landscape photography i do.  i'm more concerned with the compression of items in the image than i am fitting everything into the image.  what i mean by that is that when i see mountain peeks a few miles away, i oftentimes don't want those mountain peaks to melt away into the horizon as a wide angle lens will typically do.  rather, i'll use a shorter telephoto to ensure those peaks are still visible as i see them, and i'll stitch multiple images together if need be.

moral of the story - consider the compression you want of the scene when making the choice of the focal length to take the image, do not consider whether you can fit everything into one image.  you can fit everything into the image by stitching a couple/few images together.