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terrel / lifted spirit photos

my name is terrel and i'm an alcoholic.

as a recovering alcoholic, you'll see much of both my alcoholism and my trip into and through recovery in my photographs. i love melancholic images in nature and the feeling of solitude in landscapes - the solitary tree, a lone cloud in a blue sky, a single peak towering above others around it. melancholy and isolation are feelings i became very familiar and comfortable with throughout my stuggles in life and alcoholism. in recovery, i've learned to be humble at all times, and therefore am drawn to scenes that remind me to be humble and how important humility is. scenes that offer serenity, peace and quiet move me as well - a reminder of how much quieter my life is in recovery as well as a reminder of how hectic my life was prior to recovery. finally, being of service to others is an aspect that's been hugely important in my recovery. as such, and due to my love of the natural world, i've also begun to focus on conservation photography in an effort to inform the public of things in nature that need our collective attention.

i don't often photograph with wide angle lenses, as do many landscape photographers - i prefer creating a feeling of intimacy between the viewer and my subject. i adore black and white landscape images as i feel i have a bit more artistic leeway in black and whites and can add drama as well, but i'll use color when it enhances the image or my expression of my feelings upon seeing the scene in the photograph. my images are representations of what i saw and felt at that moment - you will not see a different sky added to my image, i don't photoshop birds, humans or items of interest into an image that lacks interest. i will take artistic freedom for some things, i will make some processing choices that help lead the viewer to the subject and away from the distractions, but i'll do so while attempting to not drastically alter the image from what I saw. any alterations from the above will be indicated as such.

all of my images lift my spirit - they cause my spirit to jump upon viewing the image. hence, i hope they offer the same excitement in you.


lifted spirit photos

gallery showings and awards

spring juried show - gallery 1505, denver, co; 2018

beginnings juried show - kat payge art, denver, co; september 2018

opportunity cost joint show with kat payge - kat payge art, denver, co; february 2019

colorado delerium juried show - the evergreen gallery, evergreen, co; march 2019

field work: landscape and architecture juried show - black box gallery, portland, or; july 2019

land / scape juried show - specto art space, harrisonburg, va; september 2019

p.s. i am open to customizations, different presentation options (metal, acrylic, matted/non-matted, etc) and larger sizes than offered in the product pages. (this requires additional sharpening specific to the size, hence why i don’t offer these sizes as standard sizes) additionally, if you’ve seen any of my work not listed here, and are interested in purchasing prints for that work, i’d love to provide a print for you. if you’re interested in any customizations or prints of additional pieces, please contact me directly via the email link below.