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terrel / lifted spirit photos

my photography is a means of self-expression. i am drawn to landscape scenes that are more intimate - they evoke a sense of humility, and at times feelings of melancholy. these recurring themes in my work are reminders to me - to always stay humble or the world will humble me, and to appreciate nature as it exists at the exact moment i’m experiencing it.  my goal is to make landscape photographs that evoke an emotional response from the viewer or inspire others to ensure the future generations can enjoy nature as it is in the image. at the same time, i don’t want to only show nature at its best, but rather nature being natural. as such, i do my best to represent the image as i saw it when performing any post processing on the images. i try hard not to over-saturate, overly darken, or mystify the scene any more than it was when i snapped the image.

the images i offer for sale are images on which my name came about - each of them, when i view them cause my spirit to jump, or be lifted. i realize i don’t offer the cheapest prices, and the truth is i could offer much cheaper prices. however, i’m very particular in all aspects of my work - from the cameras and lenses i use, to the way i process the images and the way the images are printed. i’ve compared a number of different print shops in search of a shop where i have as much control of the completed product as possible. i don’t merely want a semi-gloss or lustre paper - i want to choose the paper that best fits the image. i want a personal relationship with my printer - a relationship where i’m able to test and re-test the prints until i’m satisfied that this is how the print should look. i want a printer that is going to give you, the customer, the quality i feel is reflective of my work and let’s be honest, my OCD. unfortunately, all of that comes at a higher cost than some, but one i feel is well worth it.

i am open to customizations, different presentation options (metal, acrylic, matted/non-matted, etc) and larger sizes than offered in the product pages. (this requires additional sharpening specific to the size, hence why i don’t offer these sizes as standard sizes) additionally, if you’ve seen any of my work not listed here, and are interested in purchasing prints for that work, i’d love to provide a print for you. if you’re interested in any customizations or prints of additional pieces, please contact me directly via the email link below.

spring juried show - gallery 1505, denver, co; 2018

beginnings juried show - kat payge art, denver, co; september 2018

opportunity cost joint show with kat payge - kat payge art, denver, co; february 2019

colorado delerium juried show - the evergreen gallery, evergreen, co; march 2019

field work: landscape and architecture juried show - black box gallery, portland, or; july 2019

land / scape juried show - specto art space, harrisonburg, va; september 2019