The Snaking East Inlet


The Snaking East Inlet

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as a photographer, you become an amateur weather person, and in my case, a horrible one at that. on this particular day, i had it on good sources that this was going to be a fabulous sunset day so i made it to a part of rocky mountain national park i was sure i would be able to capture the most epic of sunset images ever taken.

i was wrong.

big time.

but even without getting the most epic of sunsets, or even a decent sunset, i was able to capture this image of the east inlet creek snaking away from mt. craig along with a nice reflection in the calm stream through the meadow.

a half hour after this image was taken, i saw off in the distance a dark object that didn’t look like a rock. i threw on a telephoto lens and discovered a moose meandering out into the meadow to graze. i sat there and watched it through the camera for a half hour, in silence. these are the moments i live for as a landscape and wildlife photographer

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