The Tree and a Sliver of Sunrise at Dead Horse Point


The Tree and a Sliver of Sunrise at Dead Horse Point

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sometimes as a landscape photographer, you’ve researched the heck out of a location, planned to be there at what appears to be perfect weather, looked up the angle and direction of the sun at the time of sunrise or sunset and mother nature lines everything up perfectly. you take the image - positive that this image will make you famous and a millionaire.

this is not one of those times.

because there are other times as a landscape photographer you’ve traveled hundreds of miles to be at a specific location, and you likely have limited time there as it’s a long distance from your home. so you still research the weather, sun location and angles, hope your weather app - which is always wrong, is indeed wrong.

this is one of those times the weather app was right.

the clouds were just too low on this particular morning for that perfect sunrise, so all we got for light was this little sliver beyond the juniper tree. even with the imperfect sunset - which i love photographing mother nature’s “imperfect” moments, this moment was one etched into my permanent memory. the views at this location are as stunning as i’d envisioned.

Giclee Pigment on Baryta or Acrylic:
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