Fern Lake Reflections


Fern Lake Reflections


in may of 2019, i’m offering this beauty from rocky mountain national park.

as is often the case on my hiking adventures, i underestimate how much time i’m going to take photographing everything i see of interest on my way to my destination. in this case, it resulted in me getting to fern lake a bit later than i would have liked. but i also like to think that everything that’s happened in the past has gotten me to where i am at the moment - and that’s where i’m supposed to be and when i’m supposed to be there.

based on this image, i’d say things worked out pretty well.

(if you look at one of my previous prints of the month - the snowdrift, you’ll see the same mountain peak, the little matterhorn. that image and this were taken from opposite sides of the peak)

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