The Hungry Bird (Editioned)


The Hungry Bird (Editioned)

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i have a problem - i love texture and shapes in nature, and particularly tree bark. so i oftentimes spend much of my time in the woods or in nature looking for patterns and textures instead of getting to where i’m meaning to go. this image reminds me of a baby bird in its nest, hungry and calling out to its parent when the parent returns to the nest for the food the parent hopefully brought. of course, you may see a spaceship zipping through the universe or just the light and shadows on a portion of tree bark in bears ears national monument, and that’s the great thing about more abstract pieces. (i originally named this image pulled pork)

i’m offering the hungry bird in three different-sized editions : twenty total 12x18 + 1 AP, ten total 16x24s + 1 AP, and five total 24x36 + 1 AP images sold.

  • the 12x18 is printed on hahnehmuehle bamboo 290gsm, matted to 16x24 and offered with or without a frame

  • the 16x24 is offered printed on hahnemuehle bamboo 290 gsm paper, matted to 24x30 with a framing option or mounted on metal

  • the 24x36 is only offered mounted to either metal or archival-grade material (with a framing option) with UV-protectant laminate.

each print is signed, numbered, and titled with a certificate of authenticity affixed to the back of the print. i will work with you to provide a mat and frame that best fits the image and your tastes where necessary. all editions are printed on archival-grade paper and mounted or matted with archival-grade materials to preserve your investment.

Giclee Pigment on Bamboo or Metal Print:
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each of these editions print prices will increase as the number sold increases.