Sunset Over the Needles


Sunset Over the Needles

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i was making my way back to denver from the southern portion of the original designation of bears ears national monument, hoping to catch what appeared to be a good sunset from canyonlands national park. unfortunately, i got started back too late and got behind too many slow cars on the way back towards moab.

at one point on my drive, pretty close to where i’d succumbed to the fact i wouldn’t get the opportunity to take pictures of the sunset and would instead be relegated to viewing from my car as other cars zoomed past me in the opposite direction, the car in front of me stopped to turn. as i slowed, i saw the sign for needles overlook. having done my research and what was in the original national monument designation and what was being cut, i knew the needles overlook actually fit into my project better than a canyonlands sunset. and so, i too made the turn.

what i found out about forty-two seconds into the drive from the main highway, was that the people turning in front of me were also photographers. and i came to this conclusion so quickly based on the speed which they were driving. they may have been going a mile or two above the speed limit to get to the overlook in time for sunset. me, being the law abiding citizen i am, went the speed limit and wound up getting there a couple minutes behind them.

and what a sunset it was…

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